The times we live in

covid 19 news for businesses

Troubled, challenging, unprecedented? How many more ways are there to describe the last five months? Since March this year, every business and news outlet has been struggling to find ever-more sincere and delicate words to refer to COVID 19. It’s achingly patronising. We’ve all seen the news. We all know it’s been dreadful. Our feelings about the Coronavirus do not need to be spared – least of all by corporates. It’s not their fault. They don’t need to apologise. They don’t need to pussy-foot around the subject by using euphemisms like ‘these sensitive times’.

Who would take offence if we used fewer adjectives and fluff and just said ‘It’s been a hard week and some of our staff have been made redundant so please be patient if your wait time is a bit longer than usual’? We’d probably have a great deal more empathy for businesses if they spoke and behaved like real people and not like evasive politicians trying to stay ‘on message’.

Let’s just say it as it is. It’s been awful. It may get worse. But we’ll get through it.