The Official Military Beer Company Features in Platinum Business Magazine


Here at The Official Military Beer Company we’ve had to dig deep.  And with total disregard for the chill of winter, Brexit uncertainty and a raging pandemic.  But we did it; we’ve launched a brand new business in the middle of a perfect storm.  Sheer madness perhaps, but the blast of warmth from the welcome we received when we opened our online doors was breath-taking. ‘Pints with Purpose’ has struck a chord.  And it’s been great fun too.

So, we are delighted, proud and honoured to announce that Platinum Business Magazine (the regional business publication with the highest circulation in the UK no less), invited us to tell our story and explain how “Pints With Purpose” works.  You can read the article here.

If you haven’t heard about ‘Pints With Purpose’ yet, it is our way of giving back through the sale of our bespoke regimental beers. For every beer sold, we donate a proportion of every sale to that regiment’s charity. These charities do vital work supporting our soldiers and veterans, but they are often under-funded.  And especially so in 2020 due to restrictions on fundraising events.  So, every penny that you help us donate really can make a difference.

In a nutshell – ‘Pints with Purpose’ are great craft beers that do double-duty for the British Armed Forces; they taste good and do good.  It’s that simple.

Starting a business is never easy but with the help and support of our local Surrey friends and partners (heavens, we’re beginning to sound like Boris Johnson) it’s been hugely enjoyable. And, with our beers now being stocked in mess bars throughout the UK it’s definitely paying off!

So a huge thank you to Platinum Business Magazine and Delivered Social  and for making it happen.  While the magazine is currently online-only due to Covid, you can read the full article in Issue 79 on their website here.