Army Air Corps Hedge Hopper Pilsner


ABV: 4.6%
Style: Pilsner

The Official Pilsner of The Army Air Corps.

A ‘Pint with Purpose’,  Hedge Hopper Pilsner (ABV 4.6%) is a refreshing, full-flavoured pilsner. Expertly crafted with pale malts and the prince of ‘noble’ hops – Tettnang. This pilsner is conditioned for a full 3 months and naturally carbonated for a crisp, mouth-filling quaff.

As a Pint with Purpose, for every bottle sold the Official Military Beer Co. makes a donation to The Army Air Corps Fund to help their wounded soldiers recover from their injuries.

In honour of the Army Air Corps’ two types of aircraft, we have designed two fantastic labels featuring both The Apache and The Wildcat to wrap this glorious IPA. Choose your favourite Hedge Hopper label or combine the two!

All beers are available in multiples of 6. Choose the number of bottles below and the price will update accordingly when you click ‘add to cart’.

6 bottles – £2.85 per bottle
12 bottles – £2.80 per bottle
18 bottles – £2.75 per bottle
24 bottles – £2.75 per bottle