Motto: ’Certa Cito’

Fast moving and game changing, the Royal Signals are leaders in IT, Cyber and Telecommunications, providing battle winning communications to every part of the Army. The Royal Signals are trained to become experts in engineering and operating systems, networks and cyber equipment.

Formed in 1920, and celebrating their centenary this year, The Royal Signals has deployed on every operation in which the Army has been involved since – reliable, secure communications are a vital requirement in every possible situation.

Whether fighting to set up complex information and radio networks under fire, enabling communications for humanitarian missions or providing 4G networks for multinational forces, the Royal Signals tackle a wide range of operations using their diverse skill set in times of peace and conflict.

The Royal Signals Charity


Grant Giving

£1 Million of Benevolence in the Past 3 Years

It is impossible to predict who may suffer hardship or distress, or when or why.  So, it is crucial the Royal Signals Charity is there to help when needed. In the past three years we have granted approximately £1 million to serving or retired Signallers / dependents in situations of hardship, need or distress. This is possible thanks to the generosity of Day’s Pay giving, fundraisers, sponsors and Legacy donors. Together with the sterling case work done on our behalf, we have brought comfort to hundreds of Signallers / their dependents

With fewer serving soldiers – which impacts on day’s pay – now more than ever your support of the Royal Signals Charity is invaluable.


Helping close to 600 soldiers every year

More than a third of benevolence recipients are aged 65 or older. One case in ten is for a serving soldier.

As a grant making charity the Royal Signals Charity does not do casework but does work closely with charities who do. Once a need has been established the caseworker will approach the Royal Signals Charity (and potentially other charities too) for a grant to provide funds for those Royal Signals Soldiers / dependants who are in situations of hardship, distress or need.

The Royal Signals Charity deals with approximately two new cases every working day. One benevolence request does not preclude others.

Rapid Response

Releasing funds in 24 hours

When a Signaller in need contacts us for help, we will signpost them either to their unit or to one of our partner charities – The RBL, ABF, SSAFA or Officers’ Association. These are the charities who look after our casework. Where funds are required the caseworker will approach the Royal Signals Charity on behalf of the signaller/their dependant with whom they are working.

The Royal Signals Charity is able to respond rapidly to requests (via caseworkers) to relief hardship or distress.

If there is a death in service, or an urgent request, we aim to make a payment to units or to caseworkers within 24-48 hours.

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