Team Army

The OMBC has partnered with the military charity Team Army to support its commitment to raise funds for sport, challenge and adventure in the Armed Forces. Together with its sister brand, Team Ethos, Team Army have raised over £7m to increase opportunity, encourage excellence and aid recovery, especially for those wounded personnel and veterans who face great challenges and who need help to reach their personal goals and improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

team army team ethos

The Pints with Purpose™ initiative is authorised by Team Army as an official fundraising scheme. Team Army’s role is to promote OMBC’s ‘Pints with Purpose’ initiative amongst the Armed Forces and distribute the charitable funds to all participating Corps, Regiments and other military organisations. Team Army is also the official fundraising partner of Invictus UK and is endorsed by the Ministry of Defence.

Proof Positive

We have proven that by creating official craft beers for regiments and corps of the British Army, we can make a significant contribution to their charities and welfare funds to further this goal. The OMBC is aiming to raise over £100,000 for regimental charities this year – to create beers that can be raised in celebration of the commitment and dedication of the men and women of the British Armed Forces.