Best Before? Let’s Fix a Date – There’s nothing to be afraid of!

We’re facing a small dilemma. Let’s talk about Best Before Dates. We want to address this head-on. The series of lockdowns (which sounds like a bad Netflix boxset I wish we’d missed) has made production planning a bit of a ‘hit-and-miss’ affair.  So, as we near the end of 2021 we find ourselves holding a…[continued]

The best-laid plans…

The other day I received a photo from a customer, Mr Brian Yates – a former soldier with The regiment of the King’s Royal Hussars. Unfortunately, there was a bit of confusion with Brian’s order.  One evening in July Brian placed an order for two cases of KRH Emperor’s Charge Golden Ale – his wife’s…[continued]

Win a Case of Beer and toast your Everyday Hero

nominate a hero

One of the first accounts of drinking a toast was by Falstaff, in Shakespeare’s  The Merry Wives of Windsor when he demands “Go fetch me a quart of sack; put a toast in’t.”  He’s asking for two pints of wine with, quite literally, a piece of toast in it.   Bizarre behaviour perhaps, but back…[continued]

Military regiments: How did our beers earn their names? Part 1

military regiments and corps of the British Army

We craft 16 different official beers and ciders for military regiments and corps of the British Army, Whenever we partner with a new corp or regiment, we work closely with them to create a fully personalised beer – from label design to the flavour profile. And, as part of this process, we ask the soldiers…[continued]

Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers: From our first beer to where we are now

royal electrical and mechanical engineers

The Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, more commonly known as the REME, were the very first to join us on our journey towards the impressive title as the supplier of official beers to the British Army. We’ve been delighted by the Corps’ support and thought it was about time we shared a little more about…[continued]

The official regimental beer for the British army: How OMBC came to be

official regimental beer

Few can claim the true title of official or original, but in the modern-day market, these terms are commonly misused to sell products. However, here at OMBC, we’re proud to be recognised as the official regimental beer for British Army regiments and corps and serve our Pints with Purpose. So, how did we become the…[continued]

How to find unique gifts for people in the military: Our top tips

gifts for people in the military

Whether it be for Christmas, a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion, gift-giving can be difficult at the best of times. It’s easy to fall into habit and choose the typical route of a watch or another pair of socks! So, how do you find unique gifts for people in the military? Perhaps someone you…[continued]

The Official Military Beer Company features in Platinum Business Magazine


Here at The Official Military Beer Company we’ve had to dig deep.  And with total disregard for the chill of winter, Brexit uncertainty and a raging pandemic.  But we did it; we’ve launched a brand new business in the middle of a perfect storm.  Sheer madness perhaps, but the blast of warmth from the welcome…[continued]

The times we live in

covid 19 news for businesses

Troubled, challenging, unprecedented? How many more ways are there to describe the last five months? Since March this year, every business and news outlet has been struggling to find ever-more sincere and delicate words to refer to COVID 19. It’s achingly patronising. We’ve all seen the news. We all know it’s been dreadful. Our feelings…[continued]