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Rigorous selection

Choosing a new regimental beer is always fun.  Over several hours, each delicious Official Military Beer was carefully chosen for each regiment by its own tasting committee – formed from a cohort of courageous volunteers who, in spite of the hardship, were willing to undergo the rigorous demands of selection.

Dressed to impress

Mission accomplished, with delicious IPAs, APAs and pilsners confirmed, these beers have each been wrapped in bespoke mess dress, designed and tailored exclusively by the OMBC to represent the regiment with honour on any occasion – from ceremonial dinners and sporting events to festivals and back garden barbeques.

what makes The Official Military
Beer Co different?

Pints with Purpose™

Each Official Military Beer is designed to taste good, look good and do good. For every bottle sold or pint purchased, the OMBC will make a donation to the regiment’s charity, association or welfare fund. Working closely with the military charity Team Army, these donations will fund sport, adventure and challenge activities for serving personnel and to help those who have been wounded recover from their injuries.

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So, what can we get you?

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